It’s OUT! Officially out! Announcing the launch of my book!!! This is like announcing Dorscon yellow!

This book took many years to put together. It was really a long journey! I DID IT! 🤩 No more mask!!! 🤣🤪

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It’s not just a book for parents-of-youths and parents of youths-to-be. It is meant for anyone trying to understand the development of youths, and anyone working with youths! In the book, I share strategies that all may find useful.

The book also compiles the endorsements of the people I look up to, leaders in the field, those highly regarded, and the testimonies of my ex-clients. The resilience and grit of my clients continue to inspire me. All of whom I am so proud to be associated with.

Feel free to peruse the materials online, and even share my book, including the resources I specially put together, to whoever might benefit from it!!

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