Morning with Susan Ng, CNA 938LIVE

It’s a wrap! What a meaningful morning!

This morning, I had the opportunity to go on air with Susan Ng from ChannelNewsAsia Radio 938 Live, to not only only talk about my life and work, but to also respond to the comments that some young people made, and whom Susan Ng spoke to in her previous Our Town programme.

One said at one time he didn’t know how to even start a conversation with his mum. (Read in book: “Fill in the blanks”).

Another said he didn’t know how to share his problems with his family. (Read in book: “Keep communication open”)

Another wanted parents to loosen up and listen to them (Read in book: “Be present body and soul” and “Be supportive”)

Another felt that there is a generation gap. And I commented that this “gap” is more developmental than generational. (Read in book: Chapter 4 or briefly read about this “gap”, that I call the “Clash Story” here.

Finally, someone wanted to learn to be friends with his parents. I was delighted to hear this. All youths actually want this. They want to share with their parents or someone they trust about themselves. The reality is sometimes adults unknowingly can become the “dampener”.

Parents and adults working with youths who want to know how to overcome this “gap” or “barrier”, and want to be that trusted adult teens want to share their lives with, you can consider using the developmentally appropriate strategies I proposed from Chapter 10 to 13 in my book.

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Izhar Roslan on Going Beyond To Empower Youths.

The best for last!

Photo credit; Izhar’s LinkedIn

Introducing Izhar Roslan! One of our speakers for the #YouthHack Learning Video Series! He will be presenting to you the topic on “Going Beyond To Empower Youths”.

I cannot emphasize how much Izhar is an inspiration to youths, and to me as well!

He is a strong advocate of youth and humanitarian causes. On his own, he has also been involved in numerous humanitarian projects, even training and bringing along with him many young people.

Izhar builds capacities of young volunteers, and supports their development by mentoring them, availing training to them and providing numerous volunteering opportunities to them.

Izhar is a former Youth Development Officer Manager with Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) building capabilities. He is a hands-on and dedicated father and a devoted husband.

Izhar will walk you through the following topics to help youths thrive:

  • Giving Trust And Space
  • Building Trust
  • Developing An Outward Approach
  • Staying Relevant
  • Building A Deeper Relationship
  • Challenges and Successes
  • Providing Autonomy
  • Navigating Future Challenges
  • Empowering Youths

Here’s a snippet of the learning video:

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Tony Leong on Taking Strained Relationships To Strengths.

Tony reminds me of the Chinese idiom 出门看天色,进门看脸色.

What it means is “when you go out, observe the color of the sky, when you come in, observe the facial expressions (of your family members).”

If you have heard him speak before, I remember him ever saying, “…a lot of times, I feel guilty about not spending enough time with my children; and I will guilt trip myself by saying, maybe I could get something nice for them.”

He goes on to say, “…but by observing their behaviors, looking at them, and sometimes even asking them, all they want from me, is for me to be with them; my presence is more important than my presents. They just want my time.”

Photo credit: Campus Impact

May I introduce to you Mr Tony Leong! Our next speaker from the #YouthHack Learning Videos Series about understanding youths!

The above statements, Tony confesses, guides him in everything he does.

Tony is now the Director of Youth Work at Campus Impact, a youth organization that helps disadvantaged youths and families to become meaningfully engaged citizens.

He is a former Assistant Director at National Youth Council and Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities. He is also an author of the book the “Art of Parent-Child Interaction”, a trained counselor, and currently pursuing this PhD in Psychology.

He will be speaking about the topic “Taking Strained Relationships To Strengths”.

He believes that sound mental and emotional health in youths provides an essential foundation of stability that supports the formation of friendships, the ability to cope with adversity and the achievement of success in school, work, and community life.

Tony will walk us through the following topics:

  • Recognizing Progress
  • Learning Through Play
  • Developing Good Responses and Habit
  • Parenting Early
  • Rebuilding Relationships
  • Principle-based Approach
  • Future Trends

Here’s a snippet of the learning video:

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Joe Chan on Youth Coaching

Youth Coaching!

How does this differs from an intervention approach to youth work?

Joe would say, the coaching approach with youth is about “helping the individual pursue their hopes and dreams by tapping on their strengths”.

I cannot agree more!

In this post, I like to introduce to you Mr Joe Chan!!

Joe recently left his role as Head of Youth Services at REACH Community Services (Singapore), to trail-blaze his pioneering work in youth coaching, and helping parents overcome the barriers of understanding and working with youths. He has been working with youths for more than a decade!

Photo credit:

Joe used to also coach and manage dragon boating teams as. He is an athlete, hits the gym regularly, a family man, an entrepreneur, an author, and a certified solution-focused Master Trainer.

Just to be clear. Not that the intervention approach to working with youths, does not help youths pursue their hopes and dreams by tapping on their strengths?

What is absent here in coaching, is the presence of problem behaviors; like for example, excessive gaming, anxiety, panic attack, truancy, promiscuity, etc.

Very often, youths are being identified by these problem behaviors, and unfortunately, being misunderstood. Adults sometimes only see these bad behaviors about them, and cannot who the person is?

So here’s taking a different approach with youths. Joe will walk you through the following topics in one of the YouthHack Series Learning Videos on Coaching Youths:

  • Being a Positive Influence
  • Developing Healthy Independence
  • Coaching Youths
  • A Systemic Approach
  • Shifting Mindsets
  • Engaging Youths
  • Engaging Children
  • Being Adaptable

Here’s a snippet of the learning video:

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Diane Choo on “Vulnerability Is Love”

The rose among the thorns!

If I need a counsellor to work with youths, I would be very selective.

Not all counsellors are good with youths, or skilled to work with youths.

I have worked in the youth sector for almost two (2) decades, they are few and far between.

I would like to introduce you to Ms Diane Choo. She has worked in various public schools serving as a youth counsellor to vulnerable youths for many years. Now, she is in a renown Independent School serving the same.

I am really grateful to Diane for agreeing to share her experiences with you. As a Counselling Psychologist, Diane is registered with the British Psychological Society and the Singapore Psychological Society.

Ms Choo will be sharing with us on the following topics:

  • Parenting Challenges
  • Filling The Love Bank
  • Using The Love Bank
  • Building Powerful Relationships
  • Managing Difficult Behaviours
  • Ways Of Engagement
  • Parenting Mistakes
  • Culture And Instant Gratification
  • Learning To Be Vulnerable

Here’s a snippet of the learning video:

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