Dr John Tan on “A Developmental Journey”

#YouthHack Series – Thriving With Youths

That’s the name of all the video resources! There are seven (7) in total I like to introduce to you.

Photo credit: Dr John Tan, Podcast

The first is the video by Dr John Tan. He is my mentor and friend; ex-boss, guru, and veteran in youth work. A youth suicide specialist.

Dr John Tan was once an at-risk youth he would also say, he will be sharing his story, work, experiences, and insights with you.

Dr John Tan is also the Founding President of the Youth Work Association (Singapore), and also the Executive Director of CARE Singapore, a Youth Organization serving youths in school setting. He also has his own Podcast channel.

Dr Tan will walk you through the following topics:

  • A Developmental Journey
  • Understanding Youths
  • Building A Relationship
  • Challenges Parents Face
  • Fostering a Growth Mindset
  • A Community Effort

Here’s a snippet of his presentation.

For more details of all the learning videos and my book bundle, click here.

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