Joe Chan on Youth Coaching

Youth Coaching!

How does this differs from an intervention approach to youth work?

Joe would say, the coaching approach with youth is about “helping the individual pursue their hopes and dreams by tapping on their strengths”.

I cannot agree more!

In this post, I like to introduce to you Mr Joe Chan!!

Joe recently left his role as Head of Youth Services at REACH Community Services (Singapore), to trail-blaze his pioneering work in youth coaching, and helping parents overcome the barriers of understanding and working with youths. He has been working with youths for more than a decade!

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Joe used to also coach and manage dragon boating teams as. He is an athlete, hits the gym regularly, a family man, an entrepreneur, an author, and a certified solution-focused Master Trainer.

Just to be clear. Not that the intervention approach to working with youths, does not help youths pursue their hopes and dreams by tapping on their strengths?

What is absent here in coaching, is the presence of problem behaviors; like for example, excessive gaming, anxiety, panic attack, truancy, promiscuity, etc.

Very often, youths are being identified by these problem behaviors, and unfortunately, being misunderstood. Adults sometimes only see these bad behaviors about them, and cannot who the person is?

So here’s taking a different approach with youths. Joe will walk you through the following topics in one of the YouthHack Series Learning Videos on Coaching Youths:

  • Being a Positive Influence
  • Developing Healthy Independence
  • Coaching Youths
  • A Systemic Approach
  • Shifting Mindsets
  • Engaging Youths
  • Engaging Children
  • Being Adaptable

Here’s a snippet of the learning video:

For more details of all the learning videos and my book bundle, click here.

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