Morning with Susan Ng, CNA 938LIVE

It’s a wrap! What a meaningful morning!

This morning, I had the opportunity to go on air with Susan Ng from ChannelNewsAsia Radio 938 Live, to not only only talk about my life and work, but to also respond to the comments that some young people made, and whom Susan Ng spoke to in her previous Our Town programme.

One said at one time he didn’t know how to even start a conversation with his mum. (Read in book: “Fill in the blanks”).

Another said he didn’t know how to share his problems with his family. (Read in book: “Keep communication open”)

Another wanted parents to loosen up and listen to them (Read in book: “Be present body and soul” and “Be supportive”)

Another felt that there is a generation gap. And I commented that this “gap” is more developmental than generational. (Read in book: Chapter 4 or briefly read about this “gap”, that I call the “Clash Story” here.

Finally, someone wanted to learn to be friends with his parents. I was delighted to hear this. All youths actually want this. They want to share with their parents or someone they trust about themselves. The reality is sometimes adults unknowingly can become the “dampener”.

Parents and adults working with youths who want to know how to overcome this “gap” or “barrier”, and want to be that trusted adult teens want to share their lives with, you can consider using the developmentally appropriate strategies I proposed from Chapter 10 to 13 in my book.

For more information about my book and work, savour everything on this website.

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