Book Endorsement for Nicholas Gabriel Lim

Thank you friends for agreeing to endorse my first book that will go to print. I am humbled and honored that World Scientific has agreed to publish the book. The proposed title for this book is “Clash of the Mind and Heart: [Parents’] Playbook for Helping Youths Succeed”. The word in [box-bracket] is meant to be struckout, reflecting that this book is also for those working with youths.

This book is a sequel to my eBook of the same main title “Clash of the Mind and Heart: Understanding Adolescents”, currently in its fourth version. I have over the years been supplementing my workshops, parents’ coaching, lectures, individual consultations and more recently webinars with this eBook. It provides easy further reading for session attendees, parents, those working with youth, and even clients, to substantiate their learning. If you are interested, you may peruse the flip book version of the eBook at the resource section on this website, and even download it if you prefer.

This new book is about 200 pages, and it is a deeper dive into what I have always been teaching, advocating and even doing, when it comes to understanding adolescents and how to engage them. I hope this book can continue to value-add to the lives and relationships of many families, those in educational settings and those in the communities, such that the engagement between the adult and youth goes deeper and becomes more meaningful. This has long lasting effects spanning over many generations.

With your endorsement, I am certain it will touch the hearts of many who are seeking for help or resources to understand and (re)engage adolescents, and even give them the confidence to look into this resource. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for providing your endorsement. I am grateful.


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