Dr John Tan on “A Developmental Journey”

#YouthHack Series – Thriving With Youths

That’s the name of all the video resources! There are seven (7) in total I like to introduce to you.

Photo credit: Dr John Tan, Podcast

The first is the video by Dr John Tan. He is my mentor and friend; ex-boss, guru, and veteran in youth work. A youth suicide specialist.

Dr John Tan was once an at-risk youth he would also say, he will be sharing his story, work, experiences, and insights with you.

Dr John Tan is also the Founding President of the Youth Work Association (Singapore), and also the Executive Director of CARE Singapore, a Youth Organization serving youths in school setting. He also has his own Podcast channel.

Dr Tan will walk you through the following topics:

  • A Developmental Journey
  • Understanding Youths
  • Building A Relationship
  • Challenges Parents Face
  • Fostering a Growth Mindset
  • A Community Effort

Here’s a snippet of his presentation.

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Reading is not for everyone.

When I thought of my book as a resource to equip adults with the tools to help youths, I know from the onset that it will not be for everyone.

Clash of the Mind and Heart Parents’ PlayBook

So I embarked on a side-project to ask some old-timers in the industry, veterans of youth work, professionals who work with youths so skillfully, youth coaches and mentors, if they were willing to come on record with me to share with adults how to engage youths better, and to help them succeed!

For the next 6-7 posts, I am going to introduce to you these experts who said YES! I am grateful to each one of them, for taking their precious time to come on record with me, so that I may make available these resources to you. NO NEED TO READ! Just watch and listen – anytime and anywhere!

A BIG SHOUT OUT to these friends, mentors, professionals, leaders, veterans, etc. who will be presenting on the corresponding topics about working with youths:

Whatever content you read in my book will come ALIVE when you watch and listen to these pros!

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Heartfelt thanks to everyone, especially, ALL the speakers! Grateful to each one of you. Until the next posts!

Much love to all.



It’s OUT! Officially out! Announcing the launch of my book!!! This is like announcing Dorscon yellow!

This book took many years to put together. It was really a long journey! I DID IT! 🤩 No more mask!!! 🤣🤪

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It’s not just a book for parents-of-youths and parents of youths-to-be. It is meant for anyone trying to understand the development of youths, and anyone working with youths! In the book, I share strategies that all may find useful.

The book also compiles the endorsements of the people I look up to, leaders in the field, those highly regarded, and the testimonies of my ex-clients. The resilience and grit of my clients continue to inspire me. All of whom I am so proud to be associated with.

Feel free to peruse the materials online, and even share my book, including the resources I specially put together, to whoever might benefit from it!!

Publisher site: *https://doi.org/10.1142/12732*